Mats aren’t supposed to move around, people are, but occasionally on highly polished floors or even very smooth concrete surfaces everything can get pretty slick. First off, that’s a great reason to have some kind of matting or runner in that location to prevent slip and fall accidents. However, you still need to consider that the mat may also move when stepped on, especially in high traffic areas.


Use adhesive accessories to secure the mat to where it is supposed to be for sure footed traction. These page features several options to help keep your mats where they belong, minimize mat movement and keep your traffic safe and upright!



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  • GripSafe Reflective Tape

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    GripSafe Reflective Tape

    GripSafe Reflective Tape prevents mat movement even in the most heavily trafficked work areas. Designed for use on concrete (sealed or unsealed), terrazzo, tile or even vinyl, this sturdy tape will hold rubber and vinyl anti-fatigue mats in place. GripSafe can also be used to designate specific areas or pathways both inside and out.

    Sold in full rolls only. 4″ wide x 45′
    Price: $199.95

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