Marbleized Military Switchboard Matting

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Marbleized Military Switchboard Matting is specifically designed for permanent installation, this non-conductive matting meets Mil. Spec. 15562-G Type I. Specially treated for flooring applications, the smooth, marbleized material can be installed with any vinyl-compatible mastic adhesive. With a dielectric strength of 30,000 volts, the recommended usage is up to 7,500 volts. The smooth vinyl surface is easy to clean and offers exceptional ozone and oil resistance.

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Marbleized Military Switchboard Matting has a singular purpose: to prevent life-threatening electrical shock disasters in high-voltage environments. Often referred to as Insulative or Non-Conductive matting, Marbleized Military Switchboard has a singular purpose: to prevent life-threatening electrical shock disasters in high-voltage environments. Switchboard insulates the standing worker from high voltage shock that can lead to serious bodily harm, even death. What makes this particular mat unique is that it is designed for permanent flooring installation using any vinyl-mastic adhesive [professional floor installer is recommended]. When installing Marbleized Military Switchboard Matting several widths of matting side-by-side, it is important to seal the seams to ensure the mat’s reliability or consistent insulative properties. This can be accomplished by bonding the mats together with our welding thread and is available in colors that match the marbleized rolls. For best results, use professional floor installers. They have experience and machinery designed to bond this material.

Marbleized Military Switchboard matting is an essential safety product in a wide range of industries such as mining, munitions, military, utilities, heavy industry…anywhere the danger of lethal shock resides. Smooth surface is easy to clean and has exceptional ozone and oil resistance. For installations that require seaming, we offer compatible welding thread.

  • Designed for permanent installation using any vinyl-compatible mastic adhesive
  • Meets Mil Spec 15562-G Amend. 3, Type I
  • Dielectric Strength: 30,000 volts
  • Overall thickness 1/8” (3 mm)
  • Custom sizes available by quote only.


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3' x 75', 1/8" x 50' Thread Roll, 1/8" x 150' Thread Roll, 1/8" x 300' Thread Roll


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3′ x 75′ $2,809.05
1/8″ x 50′ Thread $140.20
1/8″ x 150′ Thread $379.00
1/8″ x 300′ Thread $691.40
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Custom Sizes
3′ wide to 75′ long Quoted
1/8″ Thread up to 300′ long. Call to Order! Quoted
Custom sizes are available by quote only for this product. Custom sizes are not returnable.


Overall Thickness 1/8”
Dielectric Strength 30,000 volts
Recommended Voltage 7,500 volts
Surface Pattern Marbleized Smooth
Compound Vinyl
Welding Thread 300′ spool
Colors Blue
Warranty 1 year, conditional

Material Safety Data Sheet



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