Rubber DP Spongecote Weld Mat

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Rubber Diamond Plate Spongecote Weld Mat is designed specifically for use in welding areas, where comfort, high traction and superior spark protection are desired. The all natural rubber surface expertly repels sparks and hot metal shards. It offers extra durability in heavy use situations and has a higher melt point of 500 Degrees Fahrenheit. Its super resilient, Nitricell sponge base offers immediate rebound and unparalleled support and comfort during long, strenuous shifts. This welding mat is offered in a 9/16″ thickness or UltraSoft 7/8″ thickness.

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Rubber DP Spongecote Weld Mat elevates our industry leading Diamond-Plate mats to the next level of resilience, traction, and ergonomics. Improved traction, which prevents slipping, coupled with a chemical resistant surface means a longer wear life for the mat. Rubber Diamond Plate Spongecote No. 446 has an ignition point of over 500 degrees which means its ideal for deflecting sparks and shards for welding. Wearwell’s unique Nitricell, ergonomic spongecote base means more comfort, more energy and improved morale on the job! This also results in fewer injuries associated with overall increased productivity.

  • Best Nitricell Sponge base we offer.
  • NSFI Certified.
  • Greater slip resistance and improved traction by over 60% over smooth surface weld mats.
  • Ignition point of over 500⁰ Fahrenheit for welding use and superior spark protection.
  • Specially compounded SBR rubber surface provides excellent chemical resistance.
  • Rubber DP Spongecote Weld Mat offers full customization in any shape or size.
  • Available in UltraSoft 7/8″ (2.25 cm) and 9/16″ Standard (1.43 cm) thickness.
  • Need a different size? 1 foot incremental custom lengths are available in 3′ and 4′ widths.
  • 4 year warranty.

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2' x 3' x 9/16", 2' x 3' x 7/8" UltraSoft, 3' x 5' x 9/16", 3' x 5' x7/8" UltraSoft, 3' x 75' x 9/16", 3' x 75' x 7/8" UltraSoft, 4' x 75' x 9/16", 4' x 75' x 7/8" UltraSoft


9/16″ Standard
*7/8″ UltraSoft
2′ x 3′ $62.65 2′ x 3′ $99.15
3′ x 5′ $156.70 3′ x 5′ $222.25
Non-Stock Rolls
Price *7/8″ UltraSoft
3′ x 75′ $2,195.00 3′ x 75′ $2,798.75
4′ x 75′ $2,926.35 4′ x 75′ $3,730.25
Non-Stock rolls ship freight and are not returnable. Shipping will not be calculated on orders over 150 lbs. Please proceed to process your order and we will contact you with the freight cost.
Custom Sizes: 3′ and 4′ wide up to 75′ long
3′ & 4′ width $11.30/sq.ft. 3′ & 4′ width $14.40/sq.ft.

Square edges, custom widths, and unique configurations available. Please call for pricing. Custom sizes are available in 3′ and 4′ widths up to 75′ in length for both 9/16″ and 7/8″ thickness. Custom sizes are not returnable.


Product Specs

Uses: Dry Welding areas
Compound: Natural rubber surface with a Nitricell sponge base
Recycled: : >17%
Temp Range: FMVSS302 Pass (se) 500 F Melt Point
Compression Deflection: ASTM D575 Deflection @ 25% – Ultra 6.94, Standard, 7.46
Coefficient of Friction: 1.10 Dry per ASTM F1677
Tabor Abrasion: < 1.7% lost @ 1,000 cycles per Fed Std. 19
Flammability: “A” Rating per MVSS 302
Edges: Safety beveled
Thickness: Approx. 9/16″ – UltraSoft Version 7/8″
Color: Black

Warranty: 4 years, conditional


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