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  • Channel Drainage Tile

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    Channel Drainage Tile

    Wherever there’s water, there’s an increased danger of slips and falls. So wherever it’s wet, it’s a great place for Channel Drainage Tiles. Indoors or out, Channel Drainage Tiles provide superior protection against slips and falls caused by wet floors by literally lifting foot traffic above the wet, slippery surface. Constructed out of 100% recycled PVC plastic, Channel Tile’s open grid configuration generates maximum drainage and aeration and helps to retard the growth of infectious mold, mildew and bacteria.

    Channel Tile’s interlocking modular design features interlocking tabs for fast, easy installation and can be trimmed to fit any shape or area. As durable as they are safe, Channel Interlocking Tiles are resistant to oils, solvents, acids and many other chemicals. Added fungus inhibitors and UV stabilizers also make them mold and weather resistant.

    Cars can drive on it! We produce a harder version of Channel Tile in black that is made for heavy wheeled vehicles and tow motors for industrial settings. Channel Tile is also produced with a solid surface (non-drainage) and larger sizes.

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    Currently, the only stocked colors are Black, Blue, Grey And Red. This product has limited availability on all other colors, Please call for pricing, availability and lead-times.


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