Heated Pipe Wraps

Powerblanket heated pipe wraps provide maximum freeze protection for a wide variety of applications. Heating, insulating, and protecting fluids from harsh outdoor environments is our specialty. Heated pipe wraps are available in multiple lengths and diameters to fit any size section. Powerblanket’s® innovative “ all-in-one” product design substantially reduces installation time, eliminates the need for multiple product procurement, and significantly reduces labor costs. The end result is an efficient, cost-effective pipe heating solution with unlimited possibilities. Insulated pipe wraps are a flexible wrap-around heater to ensure maximum up-time. Installing pipe wraps on long sections of pipe will maintain flowability and maximize production even in harsh winter conditions. 


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  • Heated Pipe Wraps

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    Heated Pipe Wraps

    PowerBlanket Heated Pipe Wraps provide freeze protection for a wide array of applications. Flow control is critical to any oilfield, mining, or manufacturing operations. Powerblanket’s patented Rapid Ramp Technology features an accelerated initial heat-up time which quickly raises the temperature of fluids or gases to 90°F. Once the blanket achieves 90°F, it reduces power consumption to 550 Watts (4.58 Amps) to maintain the preset 90°F temperature.

    Powerblanket pipe heaters allow you to safely control the temperature of expensive chemicals and other fluids. Save time and money by protecting your pipes from freezing without the risk of overheating. Downtime costs due to frozen and broken pipe lines can be substantial. Installing Heated Pipe Wraps on long sections of pipe will maintain flow-ability and maximize production even in harsh winter conditions.

    *Please note that pipe heaters are built to order, according to the length, bends, and temperature requirements of your application. Please call us for a price quote or complete the PowerBlanket Custom Questionnaire Form to include the details and specs of your application.


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