Tank Heaters

Powerblanket tank heaters offer year round freeze protection for frac tanks, dairy products, petroleum, and many other temperature sensitive materials. Powerblanket can produce custom heating solutions for just about any size tank or silo to keep storage contents from freezing. Heated wraps are considerably less expensive than heat trace. The insulated wrap design traps heat for maximum protection. Heated wraps can also provide freeze protection for valves and pipelines. Heated pipe wraps are available in multiple lengths and diameters to fit any size tank or silo unit. 


Let us provide a custom heating solution for you today. Please contact us directly to discuss your needs and obtain a quote.


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  • DEF Storage Heaters

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    DEF Storage Heaters

    Powerblanket DEF Tote Heaters provide the DEF Industry a viable solution for heating Diesel Exhaust Fluid and protecting IBC Totes, pumps, and hoses from freezing temperatures in cold weather environments. Powerblanket’s patented GreenHeat Technology is the most energy efficient method for distributing heat to the entire blanket surface. It provides a uniform barrier of insulated heat that protects DEF from freezing or gelling and maintains temperature for maximum pumpability. Powerblanket’s lightweight heated enclosure is engineered to provide superior freeze protection for the pump housing, hoses, nozzles, valves, and holding tanks. Filling stations, farmers, fleet managers, and end users now have an affordable heating solution for their DEF products!

    Includes preset internal thermostat to carefully regulate product temperature.

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    From $2,231.30
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