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  • Diamond Plate GritShield

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    Diamond Plate GritShield

    Diamond-Plate SpongeCote® by Wearwell® is now available with a GritShield® surface. It’s ideal for primarily dry areas with slight overspray or where grease and oil get tracked onto the mat. GritShield® is a carbide grit that increases traction by over 50% while also increasing the chemical resistance and durability of the surface. Available in two thicknesses, a standard 9/16″ and an UltraSoft 15/16″, Diamond-Plate with GritShield® has a super resilient, Nitricell sponge base. Nitricell® sponge is PVC, loaded with Nitrile rubber for exceptional comfort, rebound and long life. All mats come with safety-beveled edges.

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    From $80.65
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